From the recording the innocent

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to know that they won't come and take me away, that's what I want
to know that I won't be a prick someday
for cynics and guns to just go away
for fears to go and for dreams to stay

for all of us to know that we're already beautiful, that's what I want
to let go of this voice that we will always fail
that we won't need to put our beliefs for sale
that when it's time to choose we'll have something to say

That all this wasn't for nothing, that's what I want
That the bad guys won't always be laughing
That the lies we trust won't always stay the same
That we'll find reality at the end of the game


For time to be worth more than money, that's what I want
That the answer won't always be running
That we won't just let our future fry
For all of us to stay here and at least, try, that's what I want