1. Forgive

From the recording the innocent

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Driving so very fast
going nowhere
hoping to
find some answers there

i wish there was someone here
to share a few laughs
to try to remember this will pass

And I hope i'll learn to see
all the missteps that i've made
for this anger to believe
that the lies were worth the trade

I've been trying to stay awake
and look at the road
'cause I know it'll take time to find the way

I can still see the memories
of the days when i left
those days have walked far, they're now the past

That's why I hope I'll learn to see
all this trouble that i've made
for this terror to believe
that the lies are going to fade

So I guess it is time I stop
to think 'cause I run I am free
this fear needs to sit right next to me

I'm just gonna let it speak
'cause i'm tired of the drive
tonight is the night I choose to arrive